First blog post

After a disappointing experience of using my personal social media page to share my thoughts and concerns, I realized that I needed a place more private and individualized to publish my writings. The encouragement of a lifelong friend compelled me to venture into the world of blogging. So without any previous experience with writing or publishing blogs, here I am. The views and perspectives I share on this blog are, for the majority, nontraditional, properly researched, and often veer quite far from conventional wisdom. Therefore, I implore the readers to take a few moments to contemplate what they read and try to empathize. In the fast-paced, techno-world that we live in, sitting still for a few moments and taking the time to really think about things can be quite the task; but that is exactly what it takes to be a critical thinker – One who thinks independently and who can assess circumstances and data without being unnecessarily persuaded by illogical fallacies. My intentions involve sharing some of what I have learned from a life of difficult lessons, a fair amount of mental health information I have been taught in academics, and as much as I can concerning my spiritual journey of which has enabled me to see far beyond the traditional definitions and belief systems that bind and condemn.


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